ALD Electric

The future of mobility is electric.

The road to electrification is much more complex than simply replacing an internal combustion engine by an electric battery. This is why ALD Automotive has come up with a bespoke programme to make the electrification of your fleet easier.

With our all-round service for e-mobility ALD Electric, we keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know about the topic and help you integrate electric cars into your fleet in the best possible way – entirely in accordance with your requirements:

Our services to integrate e-mobility into your fleet of vehicles include:


Präsentation ALD Electric Consulting

ALD Optifleet

ALD Optifleet offers you a comprehensive TCO analysis and therefore an objective basis for any decisions on the acquisition and structure of your fleet of vehicles. ALD Optifleet objectively compares all models in a certain class of vehicle across all makes and takes all the relevant fleet data in its TCO analysis into account.

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Test drives

If you want to push ahead with a switch to electric vehicles, your drivers must be convinced of the vehicles. Which is why we offer test drives for your employees.

Charging options

Together with the leading full-service providers of professional charging solutions, Smatrics and NewMotion, we enable companies to charge their electric vehicles with the help of intelligent charging solutions in the company or at the driver’s home, to monitor their use and keep the costs under control. 

Public charging network

Through our partners Smatrics and NewMotion, an Austria-wide network of charging points is covered. The charging stations can be accessed with the Shell E-Mobility Card, the BP Fuel & Charge Card and the OMV E-Mobility Card. The billing of the charging processes is like conventional refuelling and takes place on a monthly basis through ALD Automotive.


Our Switch-Service lets you switch vehicles for a period of your own choice, for example from an electric car to one with a conventional internal combustion engine. You can specify the number of switch days and category of exchange vehicle during the submission of the offer. 

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To help you keep the best possible overview, our MyALD app grants you insights into important data such as: charges, transactions, CO2 savings, emissions, etc.

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