Individual rental period?
No problem. With the Private Rent subscription plan.

Needs change. Which is why you can adapt the rental period of your vehicle to your needs with the Private Rent subscription plan.

How it works

Select the term of your choice between 12 and 48 months. Remember: The longer you rent, the lower the monthly instalment.

For example, if you decide to prolong the term of the contract for a further 12 months after one year, you will receive a credit note from us. This works the other way round too, of course. If you wish to return your vehicle prematurely, you will have to pay an additional charge for the saving you were granted on account of the longer rental period when you concluded the contract.

All in all, this means you only pay for the actual period of use. Unlike a leasing contract, no advance payment is needed here.*

Rent term in months 12 18 24 30 36
Mileage 12.000 18.000 24.000 30.000 36.000
Monthly rent in EUR incl. USt.  530,00 450,00 420,00 400,00 380,00

*Depending on credit rating

Please note that this is simply an example and the instalments depend on the chosen vehicle model as well as its equipment.