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Now available: OMV E-mobility fuel card

Now available: OMV E-mobility fuel card

You can now recharge your electric vehicle too with the OMV E-mobility tank card!

No matter whether this is for short or long trips, for an electric car or plug-in hybrid model - you can recharge anywhere in Austria with the OMV E-mobility card. With more than 450 charging points, the SMATRICS high-power charging network offers a reliable power supply from 100% hydroelectric energy.

The OMV E-mobility card is an enhanced Routex tank card that is also valid for recharging stations thanks to an RFID chip. So you can use a single card to pay for everything without cash: conventional fuels such as petrol or diesel as well as electricity, lubricants or other services (depending on the service code you chose when ordering the tank card). 
The settlement is as usual via your monthly fuel bill.

Your benefits at a glance:
•    Nationwide SMATRICS high-power charging network with around 450 charging points in Austria
•    250 high-speed charging points on motorways and in conurbation areas
•    Full control over costs thanks to a transparent fixed rate per full charge
•    Fast charging times
•    CO2-free electricity from 100% hydroelectric energy
•    Simple and cashless payments
•    Webapp (SMATRICS) with charging station finder, live status and route planer

Charging costs for customers:
Thanks to a Fair-Use fixed rate per charge, the costs of the power charges can be planned and thus settled transparently:

•    Normal charge up to 22kw EUR 9.99 net* (= EUR 11.99 gross) per charging process or part thereof
•    Fast charge up to 50kw EUR 12.99 net* (= EUR 15.59 gross) per charging process or part thereof

*The Fair-Use fixed rate per charge contains a one-time full charge for an electric vehicle for a max. of two hours with normal charging (up to 22 kW) or one hour with fast charging (50 kW)

The new OMV E-mobility card can now be ordered from ALD Automotive!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.