Buy or lease a company vehicle

Why might you lease a fleet instead of buying?
A decision made easy with fleet leasing by ALD Automotive!

Leasing is a financing option that helps you avoid high acquisition costs for new vehicles. The vehicles remain the property of the lessor for the duration of the leasing agreement. The lessor also bears the residual value and marketing risks.

From the viewpoint of your company, the vehicles are not capitalised in the balance sheet; monthly leasing rates are posted as expenses. The emphasis is on the usage of vehicles rather than their acquisition.

Full-service leasing also delivers many service benefits.

We manage your fleet on your behalf and offer a full range of flexible services, including

  • Technical service
  • Tyre service
  • Mobility package
  • Fuel card service
  • Road assistance around the clock
  • Claims management

and much more.

Simple, clear and tailored to your specific needs.

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