Your e-car earns you money

What has long been known in Germany as the "GHG quota" has now also made it to Austria. Since the beginning of the year, e-vehicle owners have had the opportunity to turn the CO2 savings achieved while charging into cash.

It's as simple as this

All you have to do is register your e-vehicle with our partner OnlineFuels and secure a guaranteed eBonus of currently EUR 70 for 2024 * (1,2)

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What is behind it?

Suppliers of fossil fuels (e.g. mineral oil companies) are legally obliged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by the combustion of fuels every year. The reduction target is 6% this year and will gradually increase to 13% by 2030. With the amendment to the Fuel Ordinance (KVO), owners of e-vehicles have been able to have the CO2 savings that result from charging at non-public charging points (eQuota) certified since 01.01.2023 and sell them to companies subject to quotas. The sales revenue generated in this way makes up the eBonus. 

In order to make trading with eQuotas as simple as possible, the legislator has created the possibility of having eQuota trading handled by service providers - such as OnlineFuels. We have summarised more about the eBonus for you in our blog post.

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Frequently asked questions about the eBonus

How much is the eBonus?

That depends on various factors. Firstly, the charging quantity is relevant (actual charging quantity vs. flat-rate quantity of 1,500 kWh). Secondly, the sales revenue plays an important role. This depends on supply and demand. Since the legal basis for the sale of eQuotas by private individuals has only been in force since this year, there are no empirical values yet as to what amounts can actually be achieved. However, OnlineFuels guarantees you the bonus shown on the website.

How do I find out how much CO2 I have saved?

If you operate a non-public charging point (e.g. a wallbox) at home or in your company, you are required to record the charged energy per calendar year. If precise recording is not possible, the legislator assumes a flat annual charging quantity of 1,500 kWh per e-vehicle, regardless of the vehicle class. If the vehicle is registered or deregistered during the year, the charging quantity is reduced in aliquots. You will receive an email from OnlineFuels at the end of the year with instructions on how to submit the actual charging quantity.

What requirements do I have to fulfil to receive the eBonus?

You must be the registration owner of a two-lane electric vehicle registered in Austria (i.e. the registered owner on the registration certificate part 1; fields C.1.1 and C1.2).

Can plug-in hybrids (PHEV) also be registered for quota trading?

No, only purely battery electric, multi-lane vehicles (BEV) can be registered ("Elektro" must be entered in field P.3 of the registration certificate).

When is the eBonus paid out?

The verification of the actual CO2 savings by the Federal Environment Agency starts in March of the following year. After successful verification, the bonus will be paid out. This will probably be the case in the second half of the following year.

Am I entitled to the eBonus if my e-vehicle was registered during the year?

Yes, but in this case the eBonus for the current year will be paid out proportionately. This also applies if you deregister your e-vehicle during the year.

Until when can I register my e-vehicle for the eQuota trade?

Registration is possible until 31 December of the current quota year.

Do I have to reapply for the eQuota every year?

Yes, the legislator stipulates that the eQuota must be reapplied for every year.

Are only new cars eligible for eQuota trading or also used cars?

It does not matter whether it is a new or used car. The only requirement is that it is a pure battery electric vehicle (BEV).

Do I have to pay tax on the eBonus I receive?

There is no case law on this in Austria yet. We therefore recommend clarifying the individual situation with a tax advisor.


*This is an approximate value. The bonus shown on the OnlineFuels website at the time of registration applies.

1) If the e-vehicle is registered/deregistered during the year, an aliquot eBonus will be paid out.

2) ALD Automotive acts only as a tip provider (intermediary) vis-à-vis OnlineFuels and assumes no liability for the services provided by OnlineFuels (availability, quality, etc.).