Private Rent

The long-term car rental solution for your employees.
The practical alternative to full-service leasing.

The long-term car rental solution is the perfect complement to our full-service leasing package and offers companies even greater flexibility when it comes to the rental period. Ideal for employees during their probationary period or as an additional incentive for a car allowance scheme.

The advantages are obvious for both the fleet manager as well as the employee. Whereas the fleet manager saves a lot of time because everything related to the vehicle is dealt with directly with the employee, they in turn profit from the practical, Private Rent all-in service: an offer that covers all car-related services such as servicing, tyres or insurance, with a calculable monthly rental instalment.

All of the advantages for the fleet manager at a glance:

100% service, 0% administrative work: All services related to the car are settled directly with the employee. This frees up time for what is really important: your core business.

Flexibility for your choice of vehicle: A stylish limousine or better a family-friendly mini-van? Private Rent gives your employees a free choice and they are not bound by a car policy when it comes to selecting a vehicle.

High employee loyalty through a monthly car allowance

Flexible rental periods from as little as 12 months

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