ALD Automotive Business Breakfast: An All-round Look at E-mobility

ALD Automotive Business Breakfast: An All-round Look at E-mobility

Mobility is undergoing radical change. Interest in alternative drive systems is growing among both private customers and companies. On October 24, 2019, ALD Automotive held its Business Breakfast. With the theme of “An All-around Look at E-mobility”, experts gave comprehensive insights into the issue from both the manufacturer’s and the customer’s point of view, amongst others.

No other issue currently concerns the mobility industry more than e-mobility. A quick look at the Austrian market shows that, according to Statistik Austria, 48.5 percent more fully electric vehicles were newly registered by the end of October 2019 than in the same period the previous year. The demand for electric cars is also on the rise at companies for their fleets.

This is reason enough for ALD Automotive, a specialist in vehicle fleets, to take a close look at this alternative mobility solution. And so it was that on October 24, 2019, we invited guests to a Business Breakfast at the Hotel Courtyard by Marriot with the theme of “An All-around Look at E-mobility”.

“E-mobility is currently on everyone’s lips. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible support in this area. This not only includes comprehensive information on all aspects of alternative drive systems, but also expanding our services accordingly, for example by offering mobility alternatives for long-haul journeys. When integrating e-vehicles into a fleet, we rely on an integrated concept that ranges from consulting on vehicle selection to current subsidies and loading options”, is how Martin Kössler, ALD Automotive Managing Director, explained the idea behind the event.

As part of this objective, ALD Automotive brought various experts to the breakfast table to examine this fascinating topic from three key angles. Christian Morawa, CEO of BMW Group Austria, described from the manufacturer’s point of view the company’s experience of ten years in e-mobility and gave an outlook on developments in the near future. Stéphane Renie, head of Corporate Social Responsibility at ALD, looked at the topic from the perspective of sustainability and also addressed some critical aspects. Looking at current developments in the field of e-mobility in various countries, he also described ALD Automotive’s global targets for 2020 – the global share of e-vehicles in the fleet is set to double to 20 percent. Presentations by Christian Rötzer, CEO of TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive, and Melanie Preinfalk, manager of TGW Group’s Strategic Project, provided an impression of the experience gained with e-mobility in day-to-day business.

The event was topped off by test drives for the participants, giving them the opportunity to put an e-car to practical testing themselves.