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CO2 limit: models with which you can save on the benefits in kind

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CO2 limit: models with which you can save on the benefits in kind

Since 2016, the benefits in kind for the private use of company vehicles have been calculated on the basis of the CO2 emissions and the year of purchase. Since the emission limit is lowered by 3 g/km every year, a number of drivers are facing a dilemma. However, it is not only the drivers of company cars but the companies too who save with vehicles that have low CO2 emissions. Because not only the benefits in kind but also the standard consumption figures (NoVa) are calculated on the basis of the CO2 emissions. The fact is that whoever drives a vehicle with low CO2 emissions drives cheaper. 
Since 2019, vehicles with a maximum emission of 121 g/km will be taxed at 1.5 percent of their purchase value, though no more than EUR 720.00 a month. By comparison, models above this limit are taxed at 2 percent (or a maximum of EUR 960.00) - this corresponds to savings of EUR 240.00 a month

What’s more, the new exhaust gas measurement method WLTP, which has been in force since September last year, measures the CO2 values even closer to real driving behaviour. This is why the value has risen for a number of models, making it harder to find a suitable model below the current limit of 121 g/km.

A number of manufacturers have therefore already created certain sections on their websites with vehicles that are below the CO2 limit. We have followed their lead and prepared an overview of some models from various manufacturers that are below the maximum emission value*

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*The CO2 emissions are only valid with standard tires.