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E-mobility: What you absolutely need to know

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E-mobility: What you absolutely need to know

Lower CO2 limits, high fuel prices as well as progress with regard to charging infrastructures and improving battery capacities are making electric vehicles more attractive than ever. Additional tax incentives and government support schemes also mean that many companies are considering the gradual integration of e-mobility into their fleets.

Nevertheless, the successful integration of electric cars depends on a whole range of factors. The main sticking points here are, for example, range and fields of application. Electric vehicles are today, however, already able to play to their strengths wherever driving distances are short and downtimes are long. But are they also suitable for field staff who are required to cover longer distances on a daily basis?

Our current White Paper sets out the most important framework conditions to make the process of decision-making where the use of electric vehicles in companies is concerned easier. The White Paper also provides a market overview of fleet-relevant electric cars along with a total cost comparison of different types of motor in regard to lease financing.

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